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Carpooling over the Pragel Pass

Since the beginning of July 2023, there is an easy way to get around on the Pragelpass road even outside the Postbus schedule. At 12 locations between Muotathal and Klöntal there are now so-called “Mitfahrbänkli”, a kind of organized car stop.

The Pragelpass road connects the cantons of Glarus and Schwyz and leads through a unique mountain landscape with the “Alpenfjord Klöntalerssee”, the “Karrenfeldern Silberen”, the “Bergurwald Bödmeren” and many other natural beauties. There is no continuous bus connection over the Pragelpass. On the Schwyz side the bus stops at Muotathal-Hölloch, on the Glarus side the bus runs from Wednesday before Ascension Day – October 22nd to the Richisau inn and, as is well known, from here to the cantonal border there is a weekend ban on motor vehicles. The “Mitfahrbänkli” are therefore no competition to public transport, but a useful addition.

To make it easier to get around or to cross the pass, the association Interessengemeinschaft Pragel (IG Pragel) has placed carpool benches along the pass road at twelve selected locations from Klöntal (from Vorauen, in future from Rhodannenberg) to Muotathal, where they are clearly visible. Anyone who takes a seat there signals their wish to be given a lift, be it to the next restaurant, sight, the top of the pass or the next bus station.

With this project, IG Pragel hopes to make a small contribution to environmentally friendly and resource-saving mobility and is pleased when such a ride also leads to a personal exchange. It asks all those who are traveling by car to pay attention to the car-sharing benches that may be occupied, because this makes every trip in the Pragel area twice as meaningful!

The 12 car-sharing benches were financed by private individuals, tourism organizations and corporations. IG Pragel was overwhelmed by the success of the collection campaign and would like to express its sincere thanks to the sponsors listed on the ride-sharing benches. With their contributions, the maintenance is also secured for the time being.

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