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Erlebniswelt Muotathal

Husky dream

Around 30 Siberian huskies live in the Muotathal. The climate – with tough and snowy winters – in the wildly romantic valley is predestined for sled dogs. Dive into the world of the mushers and get to know the loveable bundles of energy in person.

You will visit the beautifully built husky enclosures and get to know the loveable sled dogs up close. Your musher will tell you a lot of interesting facts about caring, keeping and working with sled dogs. Equipped with a special harness you will go on a short walk accompanied by huskies and experience the strength and energy of these loveable dogs one on one. Depending on the time of the day you can help with caring and feeding the husky pack.

The programme is suitable for families with children and school classes and takes around two hours.

Husky dream price list

Services included: Visit to the husky enclosures, getting to know the huskies, feeding the husky pack (depending on the time of the day), information about sled dogs, short walk accompanied by huskies, supervision and assistance by mushers/sled dog hosts.

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For bathtub racing pilots. For big-city time-outs. For arm-bending world champions. For sun worshippers. For nature explorers. For snowshoe dancers. For wellness warm-showers. For carving champions. For après-ski princesses. For you! Discover the region Stoos-Muotatal.

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