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Incorporating wild plants into everyday life with Dominik.

Experience the versatile world of edible and healing wild plants with Dominik. He is also an expert in plant-based emergency food and shows you how to incorporate wild plants into your everyday life.

Excursion and workshops
Dominik will introduce you to edible and medicinal wild plants on a wild plant tour. Together you will find wild plants from herbs to trees in a variety of places. Enjoy directly on the spot or make a remedy.

Find herbal emergency food
Learn with Dominik about the different herbs, shrubs and trees that can provide you with enough energy to survive in an emergency. He will also show you how and where to find these plants and what dangers to be aware of. The knowledge you learn will help you in extreme situations and can also enrich your daily menu.

Individual experiences
Would you like a private guided tour in your area for your family, friends, teammates, etc.? No problem, Dominik will gladly show you in your region where you can find edible wild plants and also how you can make remedies from them.

Plan the perfect time out now!

For bathtub racing pilots. For big-city time-outs. For arm-bending world champions. For sun worshippers. For nature explorers. For snowshoe dancers. For wellness warm-showers. For carving champions. For après-ski princesses. For you! Discover the region Stoos-Muotatal.

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