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Learn about and draw wild plants with Nadia

Nadia offers wild plant tours for groups and individuals. The topics move around medicinal plants, edible wild plants and botanical painting. Courses for individuals take place in an offshoot of a raised bog where, depending on the season, different medicinal plants, edible wild plants or even orchids can be found. More intensive courses take place with a sketchbook, where you draw plants and write down the information right next to them. In a cooking course, health-conscious people or even cooks can benefit from their knowledge.

Wild plant tour
Immerse yourself in the world of native wild plants during a guided tour. Experience with all your senses how valuable they are for us. Test how tasty wild plants taste, feel what active ingredients heal them and admire the beauty of the local flora. You will learn to live mindfully with nature and yourself.

Drawing wild plants
As a passionate botanical painter, Nadia cares about every detail of the plants. In order to perceive wild plants more intensively, she also offers guided tours with a sketchbook. Together you draw the plants and note down what you have learned about the plant. At the end, everyone has a notebook with memories of the guided tour and can expand it at home with further sketches as well as notes.

Cooking wild plants
Edible wild plants are not only valuable for health, they taste incredibly delicious when used properly. There are vegetable plants, spice plants or dessert plants, there are no limits to creativity. Now it’s a matter of finding a balance, using the valuable wild plants simply in everyday life, but also discovering the fun of wild plants with new, colorful dishes and experimenting with them. Ask for a cooking class with edible wild plants, Nadia is happy to pass on her knowledge to interested health-conscious or even gourmets.

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