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Mindfulness – Nature as a role model with Jasmin

Mindfulness – Nature as a role model! Experience mindfulness and discover new things in and with nature.

“In the smallest things nature shows the very greatest wonders (Carl von Linné).” Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of our wildflowers and herbs. Jasmin Ursprung will bring you closer to nature with its diversity, sophistication and beauty. We can use the wonders of nature for us in our everyday lives in a variety of ways.

Wildflower walk, hike
Learn about the history, effects and edibility of our wildflowers and herbs during a shared hike or walk. Explore nature with all your senses. You’ll see the wildflowers at your doorstep and your surroundings in a different light.

Discover in nature how to bring balance and calmness into your everyday life. Learn about medicinal herbs that support you in challenging situations. Jasmin Ursprung, trained florist EFZ, medicinal plant specialist with phytotherapy training SIP, SVEB 1 certificate and Integral Coach creates in nature an ideal framework for the process towards mindful living. This offer is suitable in different group compositions, especially in team building. A surprise awaits you at the end of each session.

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For bathtub racing pilots. For big-city time-outs. For arm-bending world champions. For sun worshippers. For nature explorers. For snowshoe dancers. For wellness warm-showers. For carving champions. For après-ski princesses. For you! Discover the region Stoos-Muotatal.

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