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"Moordsspass" in the bog Teufböni

Moor trail Stoos

The Moor Trail is the ideal destination to have a “Moordsspass” and at the same time playfully expand one’s knowledge about moors.

Guidance system info

What does the wet bog feel like? Which
“bog stories” does the mysterious bog hide? Are you moor-suited? Answers are provided by the Teufböni – a small flat and high moor area on the Stoos.

A near-natural, 1.6-kilometer-long adventure trail has been laid out through the moor. The circular trail offers families and school classes plenty of exercise, games, fun and variety. Fireplace and water games at the nearby Stoos-Seeli make the adventure trail an exciting excursion.

The installations on the moor trail are in operation from the beginning/end of May until the end of October*.
*On the operating information, you see if the trail is open or not.

Learn and marvel

Immersion in the moor

What do you know about the moor? In the bog ladder game you can test your knowledge and your climbing ability! How does the moor feel? Walk barefoot through the bog bath! Do you know which animals live in the moor? Find out more about them in the memoory!

Scratch and win

On the large panels of the Moor Adventure Trail you will find 8 Moorsezeichen, which you can rub onto the collection card in the brochure. For children and adults who like to collect, there is a small surprise on handing in the full Moorsezeichen collection card in the Stoos Shop & Rental at the mountain station of the funicular Schwyz-Stoos or at the mountain ticket office (mountain station) of the cable car Morschach-Stoos!

Quiz for schools

Teachers can carry out a small bog challenge with their school class when visiting the bog trail. This is a fun way for the children to acquire bog knowledge. On site and later in the classroom when they look at the solutions together. The quiz documents are available for download. Teachers can obtain the solutions at

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