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Inspiration from spruce forests

Seminars at the Hut Hotel Husky-Lodge

Enthused with the energy of Muotathal’s natural environment, powerful ideas spring up. The seminar rooms of the Husky-Lodge have their own character. Where else would you hold a conference in a renovated, 100-year old cow stable?

The Hut Hotel Husky-Lodge is located between bizarre lime rocks and mysterious spruce forests – not far from the Hölloch and Bödmeren forest.


  • embedded in the vast nature of Muotathal
  • 15 minutes from the motorway exit Schwyz


  • 1 multifunctional room
  • 1 event stall with hay barn atmosphere

Framework programme
These programmes will transform the event into a personal experience. Handle your own pair of sledge dogs, climb up a frozen mountain stream, learn about Muotathal customs on site, or milk a cow: these are just some of the options – there is much more to discover at the Erlebniswelt Muotathal.

Experience more

No matter whether it is summer or winter: With Erlebniswelt Muotathal the Hut Hotel Husky-Lodge offers a range of various possibilities to loosen up the seminar with activities and strengthen the team spirit.

Hut village with huskies

The Hut Hotel Husky-Lodge looks like a small village. In the centre, the cosy restaurant invites you to enjoy. The guest huts are fitted a bit more luxuriously. 30 Siberian huskies live in spacious enclosures on the outskirts of the village.

Sledge dogs in Muotathal

Erlebniswelt Muotathal looks after around 30 Siberian huskies at the Hut Hotel Husky-Lodge. Thanks to its climatic conditions with tough and snowy winters, Muotathal is predestined for work with sledge dogs. Whether you are an investment banker or a landscape gardener, a company manager or an intern - the trusty and open personality of the huskies has made many a participant's trip worthwhile and unforgettable.

Plan the perfect time out now!

For bathtub racing pilots. For big-city time-outs. For arm-bending world champions. For sun worshippers. For nature explorers. For snowshoe dancers. For wellness warm-showers. For carving champions. For après-ski princesses. For you! Discover the region Stoos-Muotatal.

Over 2,500 guest beds available

Gastronomy in Muotathal

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