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The home-grown ‘Wetterschmöcker’, sometimes known as the ‘Muotathaler Wetterfrosche’, is a group of hobby meteorologists fron the inner Schwyz region.

The rustic and down-to-earth men incorporate their observations in the wild into their weather forecasts, but the exact recipe remains a secret of each individual.

The people of Muotathal have preserved their down-to-earth character and their rough dialect. Some say this is due to the geographical remoteness, others see the root in the stubbornness of the Muotathalers. Their original linguistic wit can be experienced on the joke hiking trail – or at the semi-annual public gatherings of the Muotathal weathermen. On these occasions, the gnarled men humorously present their forecasts for the next six months, derived from observations of nature.


Wetterschmöcker lecture

Learn more during an entertaining lecture about the weather. In an entertaining and humorous way, you will learn more about the weather from one of these Schwyz native.

Duration: approx. 30-40 minutes
Languages: Schwyz dialect
Price: on request


Would you like to learn a little more about one of the weather prophets and know what methods Roman Ulrich, for example, uses to predict the weather?
You can see this and more in the following video.

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