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Erlebnis Illgau

Winter team events in Illgau

Experiences in nature, small adventures, or escaping from everyday life. The native tour guides from erlebnis illgau will accompany your group with enthusiasm, because people from Illgau are very outgoing.

At erlebnis Illgau joie de vivre comes into play right from the organisation stage. The event provider assumes responsibility for the entire organisation of company and group events.

Even snow queens become jealous when the landscape around Illgau is covered in its snowy coat. Sparkling snow diamonds and royal views. Your group will have a magnificent winter excursion with erlebnis illgau.

To make the excursion an unforgettable experience, it is tuned to the taste and budget of the group.

Team spirit in the snow

There is nothing better than a joint adventure and collective memories to create an unbreakable group bond. You can strengthen your team spirit with erlebnis illgau in the beautiful Illgau winter landscape.

Winter hiking and snowshoe trekking

Hike through snow-covered and untouched landscapes. Breathe in fresh air after a long seminar day. And the moon illuminates the winter landscape at night.

Ski safari

You don’t like riding on the same piste the whole day? Give this insider’s tip a try then: the ski safari, a ski round trip with magnificent panoramas. The exclusive offer in Illgau is also suitable as a company event.

Cave excursions

While many know the Hölloch, only few people know the Lauiloch cave. It is an insider’s tip. Discover the fascination of a world created by mother nature’s unique designs. The native tour guides will show you artistically shaped stones and secret hidden passages.


You will become acquainted with the tradition of central Schwyz. With evening entertainment and music to which you can dance, too. Calling for creativity and team work with different team games. Or by visiting an alpine farm where you will meet cows, sheep and goats.

Plan the perfect time out now!

For bathtub racing pilots. For big-city time-outs. For arm-bending world champions. For sun worshippers. For nature explorers. For snowshoe dancers. For wellness warm-showers. For carving champions. For après-ski princesses. For you! Discover the region Stoos-Muotatal.

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