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Hölloch Expedition Glitter Gate

On this expedition you will follow the huge main corridor to the Giant Hall. From there you will reach the Dombiwak where you will have a well-earned lunch break. Afterwards you visit the water dome, a 30 meter high underground waterfall. There you will learn the “Niphargus”, the small cave crayfish that has felt very at home here for thousands of years. Afterwards the way leads through further enormous corridors and you visit the snake, one of the Hölloch highlights, an approx. 300 meters long natural slide, a giant fun! The following aeolian walk leads again into the legendary giant hall and from there it gradually goes back on the way back. A good basic fitness is a must here and you will be accompanied exclusively by qualified SSH cave guides.

Arrival: By car: Parking at the rest. Hölloch, Stalden 15, 6436 Muotathal. By public transport: By train to Schwyz, then by bus no. 1 to the stop “Hölloch, Muotathal”.

Bring along: Warm socks, thermal underwear, possibly a turtleneck sweater and a pair of leggings. Please wear warm clothes, e.g. jeans, pullover, faux fur jacket; alternatively you can rent a cave suit for CHF 25.00 on site.

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