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Hölloch Cave Experience

With over 200 kilometres of known length, the “Hölloch” is considered one of the largest cave systems in the world. With guided tours and adventurous expeditions, you can experience an underground world you have never seen before.

One can hardly escape the fascination of the cave. The power of nature in the course of a million years to create the rock formations in the Hölloch is enormous, and these offers will turn you into a speleologist:

  • Short tour: 2 hours
  • Short expedition “Hölloch-Parcours”: 3.5 hours
  • One-day expedition- Multi-day expedition
  • Programs for companies

The guide will tell you everything you need to know about the history and discovery of the cave as well as the life in it. You will learn how sounds sound when they are shielded from the outside world. And maybe you even dare to venture into the absolute darkness.

Diving into the cave