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Maintenance work on the cable car Illgau - St. Karl from 20.11. - 07.12.2023.  Read more
Monday, 4. December 2023

Open facilities

Monday, 4. December 2023, 21:12
Information In operation In preparation Closed


  • Winter sports operations Stoos:

    Wednesday, December 6, 2023 and Friday-Sunday, December 8-10, 2023:

    Open lifts for skiing:

    - Fronalpstock chairlifts (both sections)

    - Sternegg ski lift

    - Fröneli's Winterland (both conveyor belts)

    Open winter hiking and snowshoe trails:

    - All snowshoe trails

    - Winter hiking trail Nühusweidli

    - Winter hiking trail Stooshorn-round

    - Winter hiking trail Fronalpstock

    To the timetables/operating hours

  • Additional inspection day for the Morschach-Stoos cable car on Wednesday, 6 December 2023. More about this

  • Snow conditions Stoos
    Last snowfall02.12.2023
    New snow (last 24 h)0 cm
    Danger of avalanches considerable
    Snow conditionhard
    Snow depth80 cm
    Slope conditionclosed
    Snow conditions Fronalpstock
    Last snowfall02.12.2023
    New snow (last 24 h)0 cm
    Danger of avalanches considerable
    Snow conditionpowder
    Snow depth100 cm
    Slope conditionclosed
    Schwyz-Stoos «steilste Standseilbahn der Welt»
    Luftseilbahn Morschach - Stoos
    Sesselbahn Fronalpstock 1. Sektion
    Sesselbahn Fronalpstock 2. Sektion
    Sesselbahn Klingenstock
    Frönelis Winterland (Zauberteppiche)
    Skilift Sternegg
    Skilift Maggiweid
    Skilift Holibrig mit Snowpark Shredisfaction
    Verbindungslift Sternegg – Frönelis Winterland
    Verbindungslift Maggiweid
    Cross-country ski trail
    Loipe Chruteren-Bawangli-Seilstock (klassisch/skating) - 7 km
    Loipe Dorf Stoos (klassisch/skating) - 0.4 km
    Loipe Frontal (klassisch/skating) - 2.8 km
    Toboggan runs and airboard pistes
    Airboardpiste Fronalpstock - Mettlen - 2 km
    Schlittelpiste Fronalpstock - Mettlen - 2 km
    Snowshoe trails
    Brunnerboden - 4.5 km
    Fronalpstock - 3.2 km
    Rieter - 2.2 km
    Waldhüttli - 8.6 km
    Winter Hiking trails
    Nühusweidli - 4.2 km
    Stooshorn-Runde - 2.9 km
    Chruteren-Bawangli-Seilstock - 8 km
    Frontal - 1.4 km
    Panoramaweg Fronalpstock - 1.2 km
    Shops, Rental & Miscellaneous
    Regio Shop
    Stoos Shop & Rental
    Bounce Circus (grösste Hüpfburg der Schweiz)
    Frönelis Winterland
    Odermatt Sport
    Schlitten- /Airboardvermietung Fronalpstock
    Schweizer Skischule Stoos
    Snowboardschule Frontal
    Snowpark Shredisfaction
    Suter Sport mit Gnusseggä
    Testcenter Meli Sport, Mittelstation Fronalpstock
    Mosi-Bar Après-Ski
    Mauri's Hütte
    Stoos Lodge
    Wellness Hotel Stoos
    Caschu Alp Boutique Design Hotel und Restaurant Stübli Bar/Lounge
    Stoos Shop Snack
    Restaurant Sternegg
    Parkhüttli Shredisfaction Snowpark
    Kurts Schneebar
    Restaurant Alpstubli
    Gnusseggä im Suter Sport
    Berghotel Restaurant Stoos Hüttä
    Alpwirtschaft Laui
    PistenBully Beiz Brunnerboden
    Pistenrestaurant Welesch
    Skihaus Ibach - Restaurant & Enoteca
    Restaurant zum Gadä
    Bäsäbeiz Waldhüttli
    Snack Eck


  • The Pragelpass is closed in winter. More about this
  • Facilities
    Luftseilbahn Sahli - Glattalp
    Cross-country ski trail
    Nachtloipe Raiffeisen-Runde (klassisch) - 3 km
    Nachtloipe Raiffeisen-Runde (skating) - 3 km
    Raiffeisen-Runde (klassisch) - 3 km
    Raiffeisen-Runde (skating) - 3 km
    Widmen- Runde (skating) - 2.5 km
    Winter Hiking trails
    Alter Dorfteil Wil - 1.3 km
    An der Muota entlang - 2.8 km
    Rundroute Guggelipass - 5.5 km
    Zu den Huskies - 1.8 km
    Shops, Rental & Miscellaneous
    Eisarena Muotathal
    Kino Muotathal
    Thaler Kaffee
    Café Konditorei Schelbert
    Gasthaus Hölloch
    Gasthaus Schönenboden
    Restaurant Schwarzenbach, Bisisthal
    Hotel Alpenblick
    Restaurant Alpenrösli
    Landgasthof Adler
    Thaler Pub
    Hüttenhotel Husky-Lodge
    Gasthaus Post


  • The Illgau - St. Karl cable car is closed from 20.11. to and including 07.12.2023 for maintenance work.
  • Facilities
    Luftseilbahn Illgau - Ried
    Luftseilbahn Illgau - St. Karl (Chäferliweg)
    Cross-country ski trail
    Langlaufloipe Oberberg (klassisch/skating)- 4 km / Nachtloipe - 2.5 km
    Toboggan runs and airboard pistes
    Schlittelweg Vorderoberberg - Illgau - 2.3 km
    Snowshoe trails
    Shops, Rental & Miscellaneous
    Gasthaus Sigristenhaus
    Gasthaus Oberberg


  • The measures to increase traffic safety on the A4 Axenstrasse can be found here

  • Facilities
    Skilift Telli
    Cross-country ski trail
    Nachtloipe (klassisch/skating, beleuchtet: Mo-Fr. 18.00-21.00) - 1.6 km
    Panoramaloipe (klassisch/skating) - 1 km
    Toboggan runs and airboard pistes
    Nägelisgärtli - 0.1 km
    Shops, Rental & Miscellaneous
    Bäderlandschaft, Swiss Holiday Park
    Sport- & Spiel, Swiss Holiday Park
    Hotel Restaurant Mattli Antoniushaus
    Wildis Dorfcafé & Restaurant
    Ristorante - Pizzeria Buongustaio
    Restaurant Hirschen
    Fyrabigbeizli Nägelisgärtli Di-Sa ab 17.00 offen
    Longhorn Pub

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