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Safe storage of your ski equipment

Ski depot Stoos

A top modern heated ski depot at the mountain station of the new funicular railway was built. It has approx. 70 lockable and ventilated ski cabinets.

After a day out on the piste leave your equipment in the middle of the ski area. When you come back the next morning, your ski shoes will be warm and dry. The benches between the cabinet rows allow you to comfortably put on and remove on your shoes.

The cabinets offer space for ski equipment for 2 adults and 1 child under 10 years of age (2 pairs of skis, 2 pairs of ski shoes, 2 helmets plus children’s skis with sticks, children’s ski shoes and children’s helmet). They can be rented on a daily basis or for the entire season.

Price per cabinet
1 night à CHF 9.-
each additional night CHF 6.-
Rent for the season CHF 290.-
Annual rental CHF 350.-