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Welcome to the Fröneli-Club!

The young dwarf goat Fröneli is upright and incredibly nice. He loves to play with the kids and is looking forward to meeting you in person on the mountain soon. Go ahead, become Fröneli’s new friend and sign up for the Fröneli Club.

Fröneli-Club Membership

The Fröneli-Club is for all children up to and including the age of 15.

  • Free membership
  • Fröneli post so you do not miss anything more
  • Birthday post
  • Member card
  • Exclusive family events
  • Family news first hand
  • Contests
    and much more!


The registration is for all children up to and including 15 years. Here you can register for the Fröneli-Club.
And soon there will be the first Fröneli mail! 


Frönelis recommendations for families

Goat playground Fronalpstock On the Fronalpstock, right next to the top station of the chairlift is a large wooden playground, which was opened at the end of summer 2018. At the very top on a post sits a wooden sculpture of Fröneli. That is why the playground is also called “Goat Playground”.

Fronalpstock Spielplatz

Frönelis Photopoint On the Stoosplatz at the top station of the funicular in front of the Stoos Shop & Rental there is a life-size figure of Fröneli with which you can take a photo. Here you can find more information.  Goat petting zoo Between the viewing platform and the summit restaurant, there is a Geissli petting zoo with several dwarf goats on the Fronalpstock summit in summer (between mid-June and mid-September). Here you can find more information.


Around the Stoos there are various fireplaces & picnic areas. Here you can find an overview.

Looking for a hike that is walkable with a stroller? Here you will find all the stroller-friendly hikes on the Stoos.


Where can you meet Fröneli?

At the moment Fröneli is helping his friends from the “Goat petting zoo” to move into the stable and therefore has no time. As soon as Fröneli is on his way to new adventures again, you will find all information here. Bring Fröneli to your home Would you like to have the little Fröneli always with you? Here you can buy a Fröneli plush toy with cool winter jacket. If you’re a little hotter on the go, here‘s a Fröneli without a winter jacket.

Painting Templates Design a Fröneli according to your own ideas? Hereare various Fröneli coloring pages to print out and color at home. Let your creativity run wild!


Fröneli in action